As consumers first and marketers second, we identified a need to supply the general public with an alternative to sealing, wrapping, and securing products, packages, and personal belongings in a new and convenient fashion. It’s not just “trendy” to bring a reusable product to the marketplace, it’s smart, and it saves the consumer money.  Amazing Wrap is just such a product created to make your life just a little easier, and more resourceful.

It’s not always about creating new mouse traps as opposed to making the old mouse trap more effective. This is the idea behind Amazing Wrap.  It’s durability is truly impressive, and the fact that it adheres only to itself and not your fingers, surrounding items, and is virtually hassle free, makes this even more convenient AND functional than standard tapes on the market.

We offer Amazing Wrap as a new revolutionary way for people to secure their property at home, in the office, in the warehouse, or on construction sites, in businesses, and effect temporary or permanent fixes to issues everywhere and anywhere including in the car, boat, while camping, fishing, traveling, and a myriad of other circumstances.